Current Health Issues

Current Health Issues

            HEAD LICElifecycle1

When the weather turns cold enough to bring hats to school, a few cases of head lice turn up also.  This pesky creature infests a child's (or adult's) head and lays hundreds of eggs near the scalp.  These eggs are securely fastened on the hair shaft and need to be removed with fingernails or a specially designed comb.  Lice killing shampoo will treat and kill the actual lice, but are not effective on the eggs or nits.  Careful cleaning of the home and articles of clothing, combs, etc. is an essential part of the treatment process.  Checking the hair and scalp should be done daily for two weeks, since the eggs are often missed during the first head check.

All incidents of head lice infestation need to be reported to the school office.


           STREP THROAT

This bacterial infection is quite contagious and bears careful watching since untreated strep throat infections can cause problems in other body systems.  If your child is complaining of a severe sore throat and they have a temperature over 100 degrees, it is a good idea to see your family doctor to check for strep throat.  A simple throat culture will confirm the presence of streptococcus bacteria in their throat.  If strep throat is confirmed a student may return to school after they have been on antibiotics for 24 hours and providing they are feeling well enough to be in class.

All cases of strep throat need to be reported to the school office.


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