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bulletLewis and Clark-Time online magazine
bulletLewis and Clark-PBS
bulletLewis and Clark-Discovering
bulletLewis and Clark-Monticello.org
bulletNOVA Teacher's Guide
bulletMichigan State University-This site is designed to link Michigan's professionals to MSU's vast  resources network.
bulletMichigan Electronic Library--Is an online information system that provides residents of Michigan with no-charge access to a core set of electronic resources over the Internet. MEL's 'virtual library' is selected and evaluated by librarians and is designed to be a comprehensive electronic information tool for the state's libraries, schools and citizens. Residents of the state of Michigan are able to get articles from over 1600 popular, business, and health magazines through their local libraries. You may be requested to put in your Michigan driver's license number or state ID number. If you are asked to enter passwords for OCLC First Search Authorization- 100-208-234 Password-TED3HXTEX. 
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