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Mrs. Reichel's Spanish Class celebrate "Dia de los Muertos", or Day of the Dead.


What's Happening at the Gladstone Junior High School

Gladstone Schools Athletic Policy Revised
Gladstone Junior High School encourages increased participation in Athletics by adopting a No-Cut policy. Full participation for those interested, eligible, and putting in the work is expected with all receiving playing time.
Click on the link below to read the complete Policy

Revised Gladstone Schools Athletics Policy

The 2014 Gladstone Junior High  Division B team

Peter Barron and Hunter Taavola compete in "Wheeled Vehicle"

Shelby studying between events

Hunter Taavola and Peter Barron

Carrian Gay,  Hannah Christie, and Abby Otradovec pose for a picture

James Jandro and Matt Swanson on their way to "Can't Judge a Powder"
The 2014 Gladstone Junior High  Science Olympiad Division B team

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