Principal’s Message


Dear Parents,


We have now reached the end of the first marking period.  It seems that time flown by!  We have had a great year so far at the Jones School and I feel fortunate to have great students and an outstanding professional staff.


I am pleased that we have many students who are maintaining good grades and good attitudes, however we also have several students who need to be encouraged to maintain a positive attitude.  We would appreciate any help you can give us, as parents, to encourage your student to get good grades, to exhibit productive behavior at school and to attend school on a regular basis.


If we approach this as a team effort, I know that our students will rise to the occasion.  Our goal is to make the Jones School a safe and positive place for all students to learn.


Tips from the Principal


Remember the Five C’s of Discipline

There’s an easy way to remember the important parts of discipline: All begin with letter “c”.  They include clarity, consistency, consequences, caring, and change. Here’s what each involves:



                                                School Arrival Time

Please remember that students should not arrive to school before 8:00 a.m. when breakfast begins.  There are times when teachers are in meetings and there is no supervision available.


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