Tips from the Principal


If you’re like most parents, you probably ask your child to tell you what went on in school each day.  What you might have realized is that those questions can actually help your child master and remember what was learned.


People remember 10 percent of what they read.  They remember 20 percent of what they hear.  They recall 30 percent of what they see and 50 percent of what they see and hear.  But they will remember 70 percent of what they say as they talk aloud.  And they’ll recall 90 percent of what they say as they perform a task.


So get your child to show you what he/she learned in school today.  When he/she is doing home version of Show and Tell, he/she will be mastering the concept.


Listed below are sample questions to get you started:







A Reminder to Parents


All students in school are expected to play outside at recess time unless they have a medical condition that prevents this, such as a cast, crutches or physician’s request to be kept inside during a temporary illness.  Please make sure they have appropriate winter clothing for cold/windy weather.  If you have questions about this or need assistance, please call me at 789-8316.  Pam Durbin School Nurse.



General Illness Prevention


You can reduce your risk by avoiding exposure to upper respiratory and gastrointestinal infections.  One of the best ways to stay well is careful hand washing.  Teach your children how to wash their hands vigorously with soap and water before they eat, after they use the bathroom; spend time in a crowded public place or petting animals.  Teach your children not to share food, drink containers, or water bottles.