Normal Week Schedule

The students will do 2/3 sentences a day in class.  The worksheet on which the students have made the corrections  will go home on Thursday.  Your child should review these sentences for the test on Friday.
Friday's test will be made up of 3 sentences that were discussed during the week.

1.  laura and me was going to go shopping
1c.  Laura and I were going to go shopping.

2.  please put them crayons in the box said mother
2c. "Please put those crayons in the box," said Mother.

3.  well go to new york this summer or well go to los angeles california
3c. We'll go to New York this summer, or we'll go to Los Angeles, California.

4.  we saw a peach tree a lemon tree and an apple tree in my uncles back yard
4c. We saw a peach tree, a lemon tree, and an apple tree in my uncle's back yard.

5.  dont lose that book called adventure on the mountain
5c. Don't lose that book called Adventure on the Mountain.

6.  didnt you know he hided the ball behind that chair
6c.  Didn't you know he hid the ball behind that chair?

7.  he drunk all his milk at lunch
7c.  He drank all his milk at lunch.

8.  is david coming in on the 200 PM train today
8c. Is David coming in on the 2:00 P.M.
train today?


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